Published: 20 April 2014

Morphological variation of Lactuca serriola L. achenes as a function of their geographic origin

Eva Kristkova, Ales Lebeda, Alzbeta Novotna, Ivana Dolezalova, Tomas Berka

Succession rates and patterns twelve years after land use abandonment in the estuary of river Aliakmon, N. Greece

Fotios Xystrakis, Kostantinos Theodoropoulos, Eleni Eleftheriadou, Dimitrios A. Samaras, Christos Damianidis, Theodoros Papadopoulos

Influence of crop species and edaphic factors on the distribution and abundance of Trichoderma in Alfisol soils of southern India

Vellaisamy Muniappan, Thangavelu Muthukumar

Salt stress tolerance in cowpea is poorly related to the ability to cope with oxidative stress

Sidney Carlos Praxedes, Fábio Murillo DaMatta, Claudivan Feitosa de Lacerda, José Tarquinio Prisco, Enéas Gomes-Filho

Transitions between community complexes: a case study analysing gradients through mountain ridges in South Hungary

Laszlo Erdos, Marta Zalatnai, Zoltan Batori, Laszlo Kormoczi

Antioxydant response to biotic and abiotic inducers for the resistance against Fusarium wilt disease in eggplant (Solanum melongena L.)

Hacer Handan Altinok, Murat Dikilitas

Pollen studies in the genus Viola (Violaceae) from Iran

Shahryar Saeidi Mehrvarz, Narjes Yousefi, Maryam Mohammadi, Thomas Marcussen

Early spring ephemeral therophytic non-nitrophilous grasslands as a habitat of various species of Romulea in the southern Balkans

Andraž Carni, Vlado Matevski, Urban Silc, Renata Custerevska

Assessment of macro-micro elements accumulation capabilities of Elodea nuttallii under gradient redox statuses with elevated NH4-N concentration

Tanjeena Zaman, Takashi Asaeda

Phenotyping of rice in salt stress environment using high-throughput infrared imaging

Zamin S Siddiqui, Jung-Il Cho, Sung-Han Park, Taek-Ryoun Kwon, Byung-Ok Ahn, Gang-Seob Lee, Mi-Jeong Jeong, Kyung-Whan Kim, Seong-Kon Lee, Soo-Chul Park

Some peltigericolous microlichens from southern Poland

Pawel Czarnota, Emil Hernik

A new Sesleria juncifolia association from south-eastern Italy and its position in the amphi-Adriatic biogeographical context

Romeo Di Pietro, Robert Philipp Wagensommer

Interactions with mycorrhizal fungi in two closely related hybridizing orchid species

Alessia Luca, Francesca Belusci, Giuseppe Pellegrino

Ecology and niche assembly of Campanula tommasiniana, a narrow endemic of Mt Ucka (Liburnian karst, northwestern Adriatic)

Bostjan Surina, Andrej Martincic

Colchicum cupanii Guss. subsp. glossophyllum (Heldr.) Rouy, Datura innoxia Mill. and Eclipta prostrata (L.) L., new floristic records in Montenegro and western Balkan

Danka Cakovic, Danijela Stesevic, Snezana Vuksanovic, Kit Tan

Chromosome number of Elatine gussonei (Sommier) Brullo (Elatinaceae) and its distribution on the Maltese islands

Anna Kalinka, Stephen Misfud, Agnieszka Popiela, Magdalena Achrem

Responses of trifoliate orange (Poncirus trifoliata (L.) Raf.) to continuously and gradually increasing NaCl concentration

Christos Chatzissavvidis, Chrysovalantou Antonopoulou, Ioannis Therios, Kortessa Dimassi

Modulatory antimicrobial activity of Piper arboretum extracts (Zingiberaceae)

Saulo R. Tintino, Celestina E.S. Souza, Glaucia M.M. Guedes, Jacqueline I.V. Costa, Francisco M. Duarte, Maria Celia O. Chaves, Viviane A. Silva, Hillzeth L. Pessoa, Micheline A. Lima, Carlos A. Garcia, Henrique Coutinho