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Vol. 81 No. 1 (2022)

On the cover:
Carex atrata L. subsp. atrata (Cyperaceae), endangered species distributed in the high latitudes and mountains of the Western Palearctic, and reported here by Martín-Bravo et al., pp.101-107.

Published: 30 March 2022

Analysis of Hypericum accessions by DNA fingerprinting and flow cytometry

1-11 Anca Butiuc Keul, Ana Coste, Holger Budahn, Frank Dunemann, Anca Farkas, Dragos Postolache, Evelyn Klocke

An Asphodelus ramosus dominated plant community in Montenegro: fringe or grassland?

12-22 Milica Stanišić-Vujačić, Danijela Stešević , Sead Hadžiablahović , Danka Caković , Urban Šilc

Micromorphology of endemic Centaurea glaberrima subsp. divergens (Asteraceae)

23-31 Milan Gavrilović, Pedja Janaćković

Syntaxonomical and ecological diversity of the class Polygono-Poetea annuae in Bulgaria

32-41 Kiril Veselinov Vassilev, Momchil Nazarov, Constantin Mardari, Borislav Grigorov, Stoyan Georgiev, Beloslava Genova, Nikolay Velev

Lepidium oblongum (Brassicaceae) appeared on Hungarian railways: the beginning of a wider European conquest?

42-50 Dávid Schmidt, Attila Mesterházy, János Csiky

Application of phytohormones as attenuators of salt stress in Tropaeolum majus L. (Tropaeolaceae)

51-60 Toshik Iarley da Silva, Marlon Gomes Dias, José Antônio Saraiva Grossi, Wellington Souto Ribeiro, Paulo José de Moraes, Fernanda Ferreira de Araújo, José Geraldo Barbosa

Festuca albomontana (Poaceae), a new chasmophytic fescue from the Western Taurus Mountains (Antalya, Turkey)

61-69 Candan Aykurt, Burçin Çıngay, Hüseyin Sümbül, Mertcan Gülben, Evren Cabi, Zeynep Öz

A morphological, anatomical and palynological study of Aethionema lepidioides (Brassicaceae) - an endangered species endemic to Turkey

70-79 Mehmet Tekin

Determination of salt tolerance levels and genetic relationships of Vicia sativa cultivars using gene targeted functional markers

80-88 Iskender Tiryaki, Nuray Isidogru

Physiological responses of resistant and susceptible pepper plants to exogenous proline application under Phytophthora capsici stress

Chorological notes of Carex L. (Cyperaceae) for the Flora of the Balkans, with emphasis in Albania

101-107 Santiago Martín-Bravo, Carmen Benítez-Benítez, Mónica Míguez-Ríos, Marjol Meco, Pedro Jiménez-Mejías

Fungal diversity and ex vitro symbiotic germination of Serapias vomeracea (Orchidaceae)

108-116 Yasemin Özdener Kömpe, Vildan Akin Mutlu, İbrahim Özkoç , Sevim Demiray

New records of Salicornia s.l. in Montenegro and Bosnia and Hercegovina

117-120 Danijela Stešević, Đorđije Milanović, Milica Stanišić-Vujačić, Urban Šilc
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