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Elatine gussonei (Sommier) Brullo is an endemic species, with a distribution restricted to the central part of the Mediterranean Basin (Maltese islands, Lampedusa, southern part of Sicily). This hydrophyte grows in rainwater pools and cavities in karstic limestone. Although the morphology has been well studied, no karyological study has been carried out, and hence this work brings the first chromosome data for the Maltese-pelago endemic E. gussonei. We have found a diploid number of 54 chromosomes in E. gussonei, which differs from the chromosome number of most of Elatine species (2n = 36). Additionally, this account gives a recent distribution of the species on the Maltese islands.


Elatine gussonei chromosome number phytogeography

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Kalinka, A., Misfud, S., Popiela, A., & Achrem, M. (2014). Chromosome number of Elatine gussonei (Sommier) Brullo (Elatinaceae) and its distribution on the Maltese islands. Acta Botanica Croatica, 73(1). Retrieved from