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In their recently published paper, Brullo et al. [2022: About the occurrence of Elatine macropoda and E. gussonei (Elatinaceae) in Sicily and lectotypification of their names. – Acta Botanica Croatica 81(2): 129–139. ] aimed to lectotypify Elatine macropoda Guss. and E. gussonei (Sommier) Brullo et al., two enigmatic members of the genus. They gave an overview of the taxonomic issue of these species, identified the type specimens, and gave a comprehensive description of both species, as well as aimed to clarify open questions in the nomenclature of these taxa. Nevertheless, some of the points they rise are in stark contrast with published results based on scientific evidence and make them come to very different taxonomic conclusions. In our view, this contrast is the result of (i) misinterpreted some key findings published in our works, and (ii) stitching to preconceptions on the distribution and specific characteristics of these species. Given the importance of scientific discussion, we attempt to shed light on contested points to help the better understanding of the taxonomy of this genus in Europe in a reply.


Elatine Vascular Plants Macrophytes Seed morphology Phenotypic plasticity

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Sramkó, G., Takács, A., Molnár V., A., Popiela, A., & Lukács, B. A. (2023). Data on species plasticity and stable characters have an overall importance in identification keys: comments on Brullo et al. (2022) article. Acta Botanica Croatica, 82(2), 151–154.

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