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The work deals with habitats of Romulea bulbocodium and Romulea linaresii ssp. graeca in the southern Balkans. Both species appear in early spring ephemeral therophytic non-nitrophilous grasslands in regions under the influence of the Mediterranean climate. These communities are classified within the Romulion alliance, which encompasses such communities from the eastern Mediterranean area. It was established that the main climatic factor causing the diversity of these communities is seasonality in precipitation and temperature. Two associations are presented, as Lagopo-Poetum bulbosae and Romuleo graecae-Poetum bulbosae.


Balkans climate grassland nomenclature Romulea vegetation

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Carni, A., Matevski, V., Silc, U., & Custerevska, R. (2014). Early spring ephemeral therophytic non-nitrophilous grasslands as a habitat of various species of Romulea in the southern Balkans. Acta Botanica Croatica, 73(1). Retrieved from