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Cytological and palynological studies were performed on Clematis L. species (Runanculaceae) of Iran indicating 2n = 2x = 16 and 2n = 4x = 32 in them. They formed only bivalents in metaphase of meiosis-I with some amount of chromosome stickiness and laggard formation in anaphase. The species possessed symmetrical karyotype but differed in karyotypic formulae indicating the occurrence of structural changes in the chromosomes during the species diversification. Clematis species usually possessed tricolpate pollens but differed in details of pollen morphology, colpi length, colpi width and apocolium length.


Clematis cytology palynology Iran

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Masoud Sheidai, PROFESSOR

Genetic, Professor


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Sheidai, M., Habibi, M., Azizian, D., & Khatamsaz, M. (2009). Cytology and palynology of the Clematis L. species (Ranunculaceae) in Iran. Acta Botanica Croatica, 68(1). Retrieved from

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