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A nomenclatural study concerning the annual mallows (Lavatera sect. Lavatera) is here presented. The names Lavatera africana, L. biennis, L. grandiflora, L. moschata by Miergues, L. punctata, L. punctata var. maroccana, L. rosea, L. trimestris var. brachypoda, L. trimestris var. trimestris f. colorata, Olbia deflexa, and Stegia lavatera are investigated. Lavatera grandiflora, L. rosea, L. moschata by Miergues, Olbia deflexa, and Stegia lavatera are illegitimate names according to Arts. 52.1, 52.2 or 53.1 of the ICN. The other names are valid and legitimate and are lecto- or neotypified on specimens preserved in the herbaria BM, LE, MAF, MPU, P, and TO. Three species belonging to Lavatera sect. Lavatera are accepted: L. trimestris, L. maroccana, and L. punctata (= Olbia deflexa, nom. superfl. et illeg. = L. biennis). Three varieties are here recognized for L. trimestris: var. trimestris (? Malva rosea, nom. superfl. et illeg. Lavatera grandiflora, nom. superfl. et illeg. Stegia lavatera, nom. superfl. et illeg. = L. africana = L. trimestris var. trimestris f. colorata), var. brachypoda, and var. mierguesii (a new combination).


Lavatera lectotypification Malva neotypification new combination

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