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A new species of BlitumBlitum venetum Iamonico, Argenti, Sciuto & Wolf —is described from the Dolomites massif (North-Eastern Italy) on the basis of molecular analyses (nuclear ITS and plastid trnL-F regions) and morphological investigation. The new species is similar to B. bonus-henricus and B. californicum, but it differs from these taxa by characters of leaves (width, hairiness, and margins), inflorescence (occurrence of bracts), perianth segments (colour) and seeds (diameter, colour, and seed ornamentation). Moreover, in phylogenetic reconstructions B. venetum results clearly separated from the other species of the genus; this finding was further strengthened by the the nucleotide divergences calculated between the sequence of the type specimen and other Blitum taxa, which are comparable with the interspecific divergences calculated inside this genus.


Blitum B. bonus-henricus B. californicum ITS taxonomy tnrL-F

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Iamonico, D., Wolf, M., Sciuto, K., Sfriso, A., & Argenti, C. (2022). Blitum venetum (Chenopodiaceae), a new species from north-eastern Dolomites (Italian Eastern Alps). Acta Botanica Croatica, 81(2), 121–128.