On the cover:
The first record of a naturalized alien
population of Cucurbita moschata
Duchesne in Spain is reported in the
paper of Juan et al. Habit, flowers
and fruit are shown in the drawing
by Joaquín Moreno.

Published: 31 March 2023

Acer velutinum Bioss. (velvet maple) seedlings are more tolerant to water deficit than Alnus subcordata C.A. Mey. (Caucasian alder) seedlings

Mokarram Ravanbakhsh, Babak Babakhani, Mahmood Ghasemnezhad, Fariba Serpooshan, Mohamad Hassan Biglouie

The epiphytic bryophyte succession of Buxus sempervirens forests in Fırtına Valley, Rize (North Türkiye)

Tülay Ezer, Mevlüt Alata˛s, Nevzat Batan, Hüseyin Erata

Pollen morphology and flower visitors of Leiotulus aureus (Sm.) Pimenov & Ostr. (Apiaceae)

Marina Mačukanović-Jocić, Danijela Stešević, Dragana Rančić, Miloje Šundić

The accelerated spread of a neophyte introduced to Europe long ago - First occurrence of Sporobolus indicus (Poaceae) in Hungary

Norbert Bauer, Filip Verloove

Pollination patterns of flora and vegetation in northern Croatia with reference to Apis mellifera

Zvjezdana Stančić, Željka Fiket

Effects of exogenous NO on the growth and photosynthetic fluorescence characteristics of ryegrass seedlings under B[a]P stress

Yue Li, Junqiang Ma, Yu Wang, Sunan Xu, Lei Jiang, Lihong Zhang, Wei Hou

First record of alien naturalized populations of the crop Cucurbita moschata (Cucurbitaceae) in Spain, with remarks on typification status

27-33 Ana Juan, Joaquín Moreno, Alejandro Terrones

Taxonomic importance of leaf anatomical characters for the genus Alopecurus L. (Poaceae)

Sinem Günaydın, Candan Aykurt

Effect of excess boron on growth, membrane stability, and functional groups of tomato seedlings

Boron toxicity and tomato seedling growth

Abeer A. Radi, Hussein Kh. Salam, Afaf M. Hamada, Fatma A. Farghaly

New bryophyte taxa for Bosnia and Herzegovina

80-82 Jovana P. Pantović, Svetlana N. Grdović, Marko S. Sabovljević