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The pollen features of Chaerophyllum coloratum L., endemic to the Dinaric Alps, have been examined by both light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy in order to contribute to a better understanding of the taxonomic status of the species. Flower visitors have also been observed and analyzed with the aim of clarifying certain pollination aspects of the species including flower attractiveness especially to honeybees, and also in order to ascertain its contribution to the bee pasture. The pollen grains of C. coloratum are isopolar, radially symmetrical and medium sized. Polar axis (P) is 26.83±1.77 ?m length, and equatorial diameter (E) is 9.17±0.57 ?m length. P/E ratio amounts 2.90±0.10 indicating a perprolate shape. In an equatorial view, the grains are constricted in the equatorial region (bone-shaped), with obtuse polar caps. In polar view, they are triangular with obtuse angles and furrows in the sides of the triangle (interangular). The grains are tricolporate with three straight ectocolpi arranged regularly meridionally, of mean length 14.43±2.17 ?m, each of which has one endopore. The characteristic internal thickenings around the protruding, clearly visible endopores (costae) in the constricted equatorial region are obvious in light microscopy. The ornamentation is psilate, irregularly rugulate (“cerebroid”), the exine surface is rather undulating. With regard to the observed fl ower visitors, the following pollination types occurred: melittophily, myophily, sapromyophily, cantharophily, and phalaenophily, and the most frequent pollinator was the honeybee.


palynomorphology SEM LM flower visitors

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Marina Macukanovic-Jocic, Faculty of Agriculture University of Belgrade

Department of Agrobotany

Dragana Rancic, Faculty of Agriculture University of Belgrade

Department of Agrobotany

Zora Dajic Stevanovic, Faculty of Agriculture University of Belgrade

Department of Agrobotany
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Macukanovic-Jocic, M., Stesevic, D., Rancic, D., & Dajic Stevanovic, Z. (2017). Pollen morphology and the flower visitors of Chaerophyllum coloratum L. (Apiaceae). Acta Botanica Croatica, 76(1). Retrieved from

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