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New localities of three subendemic species (Berberis croatica, Teucrium arduini and Micromeria croatica) have been found in the Dinaric Alps. Berberis croatica was found at ten new locations, nine of them in Croatia and one in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Teucrium arduini was found on Mt UÄka, Mt Velebit, Mt Biokovo and Mt Sniježnica, at nine new locations while Micromeria croatica was found at four new locations, only on Mt Velebit.


Berberis croatica Teucrium arduini Micromeria croatica Velebit Učka Biokovo Sniježnica Dinaric Alps

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Kremer, D., Randic, M., Kosalec, I., Brkljacic, A., Lukac, G., Krusic, I., Ballian, D., Bogunic, F., & Karlovic, K. (2011). New localities of the subendemic species Berberis croatica, Teucrium arduini and Micromeria croatica in the Dinaric Alps. Acta Botanica Croatica, 70(2). Retrieved from

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