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A new member of the Croatian flora, Pimpinella tragium Vill. subsp. lithophila (Schischk.) Tutin (Apiaceae), was found on the island of Vis in the Central Adriatic. It grows on the calcareous rocky coast near the sea and is a member of a halophilous community within the Crithmo-Limonion Br.-Bl. et Molinier 1934 alliance. Morphological similarities within the Pimpinella tragium group are briefly discussed. A determination key is given for all Croatian Pimpinella taxa.


Pimpinella taxonomy flora Island of Vis Adriatic Croatia

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Bogdanovic, S., & Ruscic, M. (2011). Pimpinella tragium Vill. subsp. lithophila (Schischk.) Tutin (Apiaceae), a new taxon in Croatian flora. Acta Botanica Croatica, 70(1). Retrieved from