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Goniolimon tataricum (L.) Boiss. is recognized as a new species for the Croatian flora. Besides G. dalmaticum Rchb. f., G. tataricum represents the second species of this genus in Croatia. To confirm the identity of G. tataricum as a new species, morphometric study and multivariate statistical analysis were performed on the data from four Croatian populations of G. dalmaticum and G. tataricum. Based on results of morphometric analysis, an identification key for these two species is provided. Data about distribution in the Balkan Peninsula, habitat and ecology of the newly-recorded species are also presented. Typification of G. dalmaticum was performed for the first time.


Balkan Peninsula distribution Goniolimon morphology morphometry nomenclature taxonomy typification

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Buzurovic, U., Bogdanovic, S., Niketic, M., & Tomovic, G. (2016). Goniolimon dalmaticum Rchb. f. and G. tataricum (L.) Boiss. (Plumbaginaceae) in the Croatian flora and their distribution in the Balkan Peninsula. Acta Botanica Croatica, 75(2). Retrieved from