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Cephalaria pastricensis subsp. pologensis Teofilovski (Dipsacaceae), from NW North Macedonia, is reported as a new subspecies to science. It is distinguished from C. pastricensis Dörfl. & Hayek subsp. pastricensis by its densely, ± patent-subvillous petioles and rachis of the leaves, and the midrib of the lower surface of the leaf lobes (vs. with sparse, short, ± appressed hairs), densely pubescent lower surface of the leaves (vs. with scattered hairs on the nerves), and densely pubescent to subglabrous upper surface of the leaves (vs. glabrous or with scattered hairs on the nerves). The new subspecies is a Macedonian endemic known from small areas in the Šar Mountains (near Brezno village) and Mt. Buković (near Gorna Đonovica village). Its distribution range is geographically distinct from that of C. pastricensis subsp. pastricensis, which is a Balkan endemic, distributed in Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, and Serbia.


Cephalaria pastricensis subsp. pologensis indumentum new subspecies North Macedonia

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Teofilovski, A. (2023). A new subspecies of Cephalaria pastricensis Dörfl. & Hayek (Dipsacaceae) from North Macedonia. Acta Botanica Croatica, 82(2), 96–100.