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Poa maroccana is an annual Mediterranean species, which is recorded for the first time from Sicily and for the entire territory of Italy. It usually occurs in synanthopic habitats, represented mainly by urban and suburban roadsides, where it is quite sporadic. Based on current knowledge, it has been hitherto reported only in a few localities of the Mediterranean area, specifically in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Syria and Crimea. Field observations and herbarium investigations have shown that this species is often mistaken for P. annua, mainly due to its morphological similarities, as well as for having the same ecological needs, therefore its real geographical distribution has yet to be verified. Although the two species are both tetraploids (2n = 28), they clearly differ in numerous relevant features concerning the shape and size of ligules, inflorescence, spikelet, glumes, palea, lemma, anthers, lodicules and seed. In order to better clarify the relationships of P. maroccana with P. annua and other annual species of this genus occurring in the Mediterranean, a careful morphological description and an iconography are provided, as well as a comparative morphological table of all allied species and also an analytical key for their easy identification.


annual Poa chorology Italy morphology Sicily

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Brullo, S., Brullo, C., Cambria, S., Tavilla, G., Giusso del Galdo, G., & Bogdanović, S. (2021). Taxonomical and chorological remarks on the Mediterranean Poa maroccana (Poaceae) and the first record in Italy from the Sicilian flora. Acta Botanica Croatica, 80(1), 63–73.

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