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Tuber donnagotto is a new winter black truffle belonging to the order Pezizales and the family Tuberaceae. It grows in winter in the calcareous gravel soil (pH 7.6–7.8) near the Adriatic Sea (Rovinj, Istria, Croatia) in predominantly pine forests (Pinus halepensis). Although similar to other black truffles, it has very irregular and hardfruit bodies, lobate and knotted in form, with deep irregular cavities reaching the middle of the fruit bodies. These cavities are clearly evident in the cross-section of the fruit bodies. A distinctive characteristic of this truffle is the fact that when it is hermetically closed it can be kept in a refrigerator (2–4 °C) for more than 60 days. Tuber donnagotto has a slight but pleasant odor, reminiscent of boletus (Boletus reticulates, B. edulis). Furthermore, T. donnagotto has yellow-brownish and reticulate-alveolate spores, measuring 20–30 × 20–25 mm.


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