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Foliar nitrogen and phosphorus dynamics, leaf resorption efficiency, proficiency, changing of chlorophyll a/b proportions in leaves of Cistus creticus L. (Cistaceae) along an elevational gradient (sea level-30 m, middle-670 m, high- 80 m) were investigated. Statistically significant differences were found in foliar nitrogen and phosphosrus content in terms of growth periods, while no significant differences were found according to elevations. Nitrogen and phosphorus resorption efficiency and proficiency values were high as compared to the other evergreen species. Cistus creticus effectively used nitrogen and phosphorus. No statistically significant differences were found among elevations in terms of specific leaf area. However, statistically significant differences were found in terms of growth periods. There were significant differences in chlorophyll a/b proportion according to both growth periods and elevations. Besides, the chlorophyll a/b proportion increased along senescence period. 


Leaf nitrogen phosphorus resorption chlorophyll Cistus creticus elevation

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Turkis, S., & Özbucak, T. B. (2010). Foliar resorption and chlorophyll content in leaves of Cistus creticus L. (Cistaceae) along an elevational gradient in Turkey. Acta Botanica Croatica, 69(2). Retrieved from