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The paper reports for the first time the occurrence of Erigeron acris subsp. angulosus in Poland. This rare European temperate plant was found in August 2014 in a former sand and gravel quarry, close to the Sobolewo reservoir in the town of Suwalki, north-eastern Poland. Species composition of the habitat is characterized by a phytosociological releve based on the Braun-Blanquet method, diagnostic characters in comparison to the morphologically similar E. acris subsp. droebachiensis are presented using scanning electron microscopy imaging, and an identification key for E. acris s. l. in Poland is given.


distribution Erigeron indumentum Poland scanning electron microscopy

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Pliszko, A. (2018). Erigeron acris L. subsp. angulosus (Gaudin) Vacc. (Asteraceae), a new taxon in the flora of Poland. Acta Botanica Croatica, 77(1). Retrieved from