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In the present study, the micromorphological structure of achene, pappus and style using scanning electron microscope (SEM), stomatal characteristics, anatomy of stem and achene together with chromosome number and nuclear DNA content of the Turkish endemic Crepis macropus Boiss. & Heldr. are provided in order to expand knowledge of its taxonomy. The SEM studies in this species show that dense spiny cells are found on the achene surface, the pappus bristle has 3–5 spikes and the style possesses slender papillae. The stem structure is composed of epidermis, collenchyma, parenchymatous cortex and pith. The species has anomocytic stomata in both the upper and the lower surface of the leaves. The pericarp of the achene is mainly composed of several layers of sclerenchymatous cells. In this species, the chromosome number is 2n = 2x = 8, karyotype consists of two submetacentric and six subtelocentric chromosomes and nuclear DNA content (2Cvalue) is 12.96 pg. These data are presented here for the first time and their taxonomic values are discussed.


anatomy chromosome Crepis endemic micromorphology nuclear DNA content Turkey

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Huseyin Inceer

Biology, Laboratory of Botany
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Inceer, H., Kalmuk, N. A., Imamoglu, K. V., Duman, O., Hayirlioglu-Ayaz, S., & Arslan, G. (2016). Micromorphological, anatomical and cytogenetical studies in endemic Crepis macropus Boiss. & Heldr. (Asteraceae) from Turkey. Acta Botanica Croatica, 75(2). Retrieved from