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We studied the anatomy of a rare narrow endemic species belonging to the Slovenian flora – Hladnikia pastinacifolia Rchb. Hladnikia is a monotypic genus with distinct taxonomic position within the Apiaceae family. The anatomical characteristics revealed by light and fluorescence microscopy provided new insights regarding the pollen, leaf and root characteristics of H. pastinacifolia, improving the understanding of its biology and ecology. Pollination, drought tolerance, life cycle and unattractiveness to herbivores explain the species’ persistence in time. Autofluorescence localized bioactive substances within secretory ducts and oil ducts.


mericarp anatomy petiole anatomy pollen root chronology Slovenian endemic stomata

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Author Biographies

Nina Sajna, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Department of Biology, Assistant Professor for ecology

Jelka Sustar–Vozlic, Agricultural Institute of Slovenia

Field Crop and Seed Production Department, Associate Professor

Mitja Kaligaric, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Department of Biology, Professor for botany
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Sajna, N., Sustar–Vozlic, J., & Kaligaric, M. (2014). New insights into the anatomy of an endemic Hladnikia pastinacifolia Rchb. Acta Botanica Croatica, 73(2). Retrieved from