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Vol. 81 No. 2 (2022)

On the cover:

Elatine gussonei (Sommier) Brullo, Lanfr., Pavone & Ronsisv. occurs on Lampedusa and the Malta islands only. Name is also lectotypified here by Brullo et al., pp. 129–139.

Published: 30 September 2022

Blitum venetum (Chenopodiaceae), a new species from north-eastern Dolomites (Italian Eastern Alps)

121-128 Duilio Iamonico, Marion Wolf, Katia Sciuto, Adriano Sfriso, Carlo Argenti

About the occurrence of Elatine macropoda and E. gussonei (Elatinaceae) in Sicily and lectotypification of their names

129-139 Salvatore Brullo, Cristian Brullo, Gianmarco Tavilla, Salvatore Cambria, Pietro Minissale, Saverio Sciandrello, Gianpietro Giusso del Galdo, Giuseppe Siracusa, Emanuele Del Guacchio

Effect of moderate heat stress on Arabidopsis thaliana with modified BPMs expression

140-148 Sandra Vitko, Željka Vidaković-Cifrek, Nataša Bauer, Dunja Leljak-Levanić

Seed and pollen morphology and numerical analysis of Tephrosia Pers. (Fabaceae) and their taxonomic significance

149-158 Ahmed Elkordy, Ahmed K. Osman , Mohamed O. Badry

First record of Sida rhombifolia L. (Malvaceae) for Italian flora: taxonomical and ecological investigation

159-167 Salvatore Cambria, Alessandro Crisafulli, Gianpietro Giusso del Galdo, Rosa Maria Picone, Adriano Soldano, Saverio Sciandrello, Gianmarco Tavilla

Morpho-anatomical diversity of five species of the genus Asparagus (Asparagaceae) from Algeria

Genus Asparagus in Algeria

168-176 Kenza Boubetra, Nabila Amirouche, Rachid Amirouche

Gas exchange in genotypes of Nopalea cochenillifera in different seasons and evaluations times

Gas exchange in genotypes of Nopalea cochenillifera Salm-Dyckin

177-184 José Thyago Aires Souza, Jucilene Silva Araújo, Evaldo dos Santos Félix, Rita de Cássia Alves, Tarcísio José de Oliveira Filho, Elder Cunha de Lira

Phytoplankton metrics for trophic and ecological status assessment of a natural karstic lake

185-196 Maja Šimunović, Antonija Kulaš, Petar Žutinić, Gordana Goreta, Marija Gligora Udovič

A systematic study of Thlaspi s.l. taxa in the sections Nomisma, Thlaspi and Pterotropis from Turkey based on fruit morphological and molecular data

197-205 Mehmet Karaismailoğlu, Behçet İnal, Osman Erol

Dianthus nezahatiae (Caryophyllaceae), a new species from Northwest Turkey

206-212 Ergin Hamzaoğlu, Salih Sercan Kanoğlu, Necmi Aksoy

Exogenous arginine treatment additively enhances growth and tolerance of Salicornia europaea seedlings under salinity

213-220 Fereshteh Shakhsi-Dastgahian, Jafar Valizadeh, Monireh Cheniany, Alireza Einali

The relationship between biodiversity and the biomass of grasslands in the Zagreb area (NW Croatia)

221-232 Marta Justić, Sven Jelaska
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