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The aim of this paper is to investigate morphological, anatomical, palynological, fruit and seed micromorphological properties of Hedysarum pannosum (Boiss.) Boiss. A detailed description of the species is reported for the first time in this study. The morphological features of the species have been compared with the results of previous investigations. Anatomical studies have been carried out on cross- sections of roots, stems, leaflets and petioles. The anatomical results show that the plants have secondary growth roots, protruding stems, amphistomatic and equifacial leaves with tannin, triangular shaped petioles. Hedysarum pannosum pollen are tricolpate, prolate and pollen exine ornamentation is reticulate. Fruits have trichomes on their setae and tomentose trichomes have papillae. Seeds are reniform and they have rugolo-reticulate ornamentation.


anatomy Fabaceae fruit Hedysarum micromorphology morphology pollen seed

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Hüseyin Dural, Selcuk University

Science Faculty, Biology Department

Burcu Yilmaz Çitak, Selcuk University

Science Faculty, Biology Department
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Dural, H., & Yilmaz Çitak, B. (2015). Morphology and anatomy of Hedysarum pannosum (Boiss.) Boiss. (Fabaceae). Acta Botanica Croatica, 74(1). Retrieved from