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Nitrates may induce alterations in NO-signaling system and change photosynthesisin plants. Significant reduction of 14CO2 fixation was noted at concentration of 3.96mM NaNO3 in an aquatic macrophyte (Typha angustifolia L.). Assimilation of 14CO2 seven days after the introduction of nitrates did not differ between control and experimental samples. There were changes in distribution of 14C among products of 4CO2 fixation 4 h after NaNO3 addition, resulting in increased sugar radioactivity in experimental plants. It was suggested that the observed changes may have regulatory importance.


aquatic macrophyte carbon metabolism nitrate photosynthesis

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Chikov, V. I., Isaeva, E. V., Ratushnyak, A. A., Tarasov, O. Y., & Trushin, M. V. (2012). Changes of photosynthesis and carbon metabolism in Typha angustifolia L grown in conditions of nitrate nitrogen overload. Acta Botanica Croatica, 71(2). Retrieved from