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A culture-dependent method was used to isolate fungal endophytes from the leaves, stems, and roots of the invasive plant Solanum rostratum Dunal. growing in Xinjiang Province, China. All isolates were identified according to ITS (internal transcribed spacer) region of ribosomal DNA sequences and analyzed by Nucleotide BLAST according to NCBI GenBank and Mycobank database. Altogether 176 endophytic fungal isolates corresponding to 44 OTUs were identified, which were classified into 12 genera, with Penicillium (59.66%) and Aspergillus (23.29%) being the highly dominant genera. Ten endophytic isolates (OTU1, OTU15, OTU16, OTU21, OTU23, OTU25, OTU26,
OTU30, OTU37 and OTU44) were identified as potential new species.


Culture-dependent endophyte isolation endophytes Penicillium Mucor circinelloides

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Kuchkarova, N., Han, C., Toshmatov, Z., Chen, H., & Shao , H. (2024). Diversity of fungal endophytes isolated from the invasive plant Solanum rostratum. Acta Botanica Croatica, 83(1), 76–79.