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Electrical conductivity, exchangeable sodium ratio and water depth have negative impacts, whereas soil organic matter concentration has a positive impact on Black Sea salt marsh vegetation. The most saline soils were characterized by Salicornia prostrata vegetation and associated with exchangeable sodium ratio. Alhagi pseudalhagi and Tamarix smrynensis populations were associated with water depth, while Juncus littoralis, Ammophila arenaria and E. paralias were associated with soil organic matter. Euphorbia paralias, Ammophila arenaria and Iris orientalis were associated with acidity.Â


Black Sea groundwater salt marsh vegetation

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Hamdi Guray Kutbay, University of Ondokuz Mayıs

Deparment of Biology

Ali Bilgin, Rize University

Rize University Faculty of Sciences Rize-TURKEY
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Kilinc, M., Kutbay, H. G., Yalcin, E., Bilgin, A., Avci, K., & Topaloglu, S. G. (2011). Effects of selected groundwater chemical traits on a salt marsh community. Acta Botanica Croatica, 70(1). Retrieved from

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