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The presence of Hieracium pollinense Zahn in Italy is confirmed here after 132 years since its first description based on a single collection made in 1877 in the Mt. Pollino. It is a calcicolous species, so far represented by one population, belongs to the H. sect. Villosa. In line with the IUCN criteria its conservation status assessment is “endangered”.


Basilicata distribution Hieracium Pollino Massif taxonomy vascular flora

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Filippo Scafidi, University of Palermo

Department STEBICEF, Section of Botany and Plant Ecology, via Archirafi 38, 90123 Palermo

Emilio Di Gristina, University of Palermo

Botanical Garden and Herbarium Mediterraneum Panormitanum, via Lincoln 2, 90133 Palermo
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Gottschlich, G., Scafidi, F., & Di Gristina, E. (2017). Hieracium pollinense (Asteraceae), an endemic species to the Pollino National Park (Southern Italy) rediscovered. Acta Botanica Croatica, 76(1). Retrieved from