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Myosotis refracta Boiss. is reported as a new and unexpected finding for the Slovene flora. The species was found in three collections stored in the Herbarium LJU from south-east Slovenia, in the Kolpa river valley bordering Croatia. All plants thrived under overhanging dolomite rocks. On account of an earlier misidentification, the respective plant community had been described as the association Arabido alpinae-Myosotidetum strictae Accetto 2008, which is here corrected to Arabido alpinae-Myosotidetum refractae Accetto 2008 corr. Strgulc Krajšek, Accetto & Jogan 2016. Myosotis refracta has a disjunct Mediterranean southwest Asian distribution. The reported new localities extend its known range more than 500 km in north-west direction, from its nearest known occurrences on the southern Balkan peninsula.


flora forget-me-not Kolpa valley Myosotis refracta phytocenology Slovenia

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Strgulc Krajšek, S., Accetto, M., & Jogan, N. (2016). Myosotis refracta Boiss. (Boraginaceae), an unexpected forget-me-not in the Slovene flora. Acta Botanica Croatica, 75(2). Retrieved from