A new species of Sellaphora (Sellaphoraceae) from Hannaberry Lake, Arkansas, U.S.A.

Mihaela D. Enache, Marina Potapova


A new small-size species of Sellaphora was found in sediments from Hannaberry Lake, Arkansas, during the National Lakes Assessment project conducted by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. The species was studied with light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. It differs from previously reported Sellaphora species by its small and delicate frustule with striation irresolvable in light microscopy. Here we present details on its morphology and size variation and report the characteristics of the lake where the species was found.


Diatom; Sellaphora; morphology; ultrastructure; size; Lake Hannaberry; Arkansas; USA

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Acta Botanica Croatica: ISSN: 0365-0588