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Vol. 80 No. 2 (2021)

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Habrosia spinuliflora (Ser. ex DC.) Fenzl from Mardin, SE-Turkey. A molecular investigation, nomenclature, detailed morphological data and distribution map are described by Duilio Iamonico in this issue, pp. 208-214.

Published: October 1, 2021

Effects of two synthetic pyrethroids on Arthrospira platensis Gomont growth and antioxidant parameters

117-124 Hatice Tunca, Kübra Hödük , Feray Köçkar , Ali Doğru , Tuğba Ongun Sevindik

Morphological and genetic diversity of Senecio vulgaris L. (Asteraceae) in Iran

125-130 Mostafa Ebadi, Rosa Eftekharian

Allelopathic potential of Ficus retusa L. leaf litter on understory vegetation in urban gardens

131-139 Mahmoud Omar Hassan, Howida Yacoup Mohamed, Ayman Hassan Aboellil

Emergence of a new salt-tolerant alien grass along roadsides? Occurrence of Diplachne fusca subsp. fascicularis (Poaceae) in Hungary

140-145 Kristóf Süveges , Attila Molnár V, Attila Mesterházy , Júlia Tüdősné Budai , Réka Fekete

Seed micromorphology and anatomy of 36 Muscari (Asparagaceae) taxa from Turkey with notes on their systematic importance

146-157 Hüseyin Eroğlu , Mehmet Cengiz Karaismailoğlu, Süleyman Mesut Pinar , Mehmet Fidan

Biodiversity and seasonal distribution of benthic diatom assemblages as an indicator of water quality of small karstic river in Bosnia and Herzegovina

158-168 Anita Dedić, Dubravka Hafner , Ana Antunović , Jasmina Kamberović , Svjetlana Stanić-Koštroman, Martyn G. Kelly

First record of a naturalized population of the tropical Colocasia esculenta (Araceae) in Italy, and clarifications about its occurrence in southeastern Europe

169-175 Duilio Iamonico

DNA barcoding of marine algae from Malta: new records from the central Mediterranean

176-183 Angela G. Bartolo, Gabrielle Zammit, Hannah Russell, Akira F. Peters, Frithjof C. Küpper

One new species of Cymbella C.A. Agardh (Bacillariophyta) from high altitude lakes in the Hengduan Mountains of Southwest China

184-190 Qi Liu, Han Wu , Yan-Ling Li, John Patrick Kociolek

Response of Bacillus cereus on Zea mays under different doses of zinc sulphate

191-198 Asim Shahzad, Mingzhou Qin, Mudassar Nazir, Abdul Shakoor, Mohtism Billah, Gul Zaib

Development of an optimum proliferation medium via the graph kernel statistical analysis method for genetically stable in vitro propagation of endemic Thymus cilicicus (Turkey)

199-207 Ergun Kaya, Mehmet Ali Balci, Omer Akguller , Selin Galatali , Sevil Yeniocak , Taner Mercan , Sevinc Guldag , Damla Ekin Ozkaya , Bilge Ozturk , Onur Celik, Irem Aktay

Habrosia (Caryophyllaceae) a monotypic genus endemic to Western Asia: morphological and molecular remarks

208-214 Duilio Iamonico
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