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During the past few years, the isophylloid Campanula pyramidalis complex has been the subject of studies aimed at an improved understanding of the relationships within it. The center of distribution of the C. pyramidalis complex is in the Balkan Peninsula with some smaller parts of the area located in the south Apennines. Although 21 taxa of the C. pyramidalis complex were described, only four species are accepted: C. pyramidalis, C. versicolor, C. secundiflora and C. austroadriatica. In the present study, we propose compounds of the methanolic leaf extract as possible chemotaxonomic markers for the C. pyramidalis complex. Eleven flavonoids and two phenolic acids were detected in leaf extract using high-performance liquid chromatography with diode-array detection analysis. The investigated taxa of the C. pyramidalis complex differ in terms of the composition of the methanolic leaf extract. Clustering of investigated taxa is not completely consistent with the previously reported molecular and morphometric data.


Campanula pyramidalis chemotaxonomy flavonoids methanolic leaf extract phenolic acids

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Jankovic, I. B., Drobac, M. M., & Lakusic, D. V. (2014). Compounds of the methanolic leaf extract as chemotaxonomic markers for the Campanula pyramidalis complex (Campanulaceae). Acta Botanica Croatica, 73(2). Retrieved from