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A small population of the circumholoarctic species Glaux maritima L. (Primulaceae) was discovered in the Mediterranean part of Croatia, on the bank of the River Zrmanja. This is the first record of G. maritima in SE Europe, and the third record in the Mediterranean, apart from in Spain and the Asian part of Turkey. It was found on the open riverbank within sub-halophytic vegetation, forming a small population of several dozen erect stems, most probably clonally propagated. The site is characterized by a periodic intrusion of seawater. We propose to classify this species as critically endangered (CR) on a national level due to the small population size and the fragile habitat, which requires active protection and conservation.


conservation Dalmatia halophytes Lysimachia maritima rare species Zrmanja river

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Alegro, A., Segota, V., Koletic, N., Vukovic, N., Vilovic, T., & Rimac, A. (2019). Glaux maritima L. (Primulaceae), a new plant species in SE Europe. Acta Botanica Croatica, 78(1). Retrieved from