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During floristic research into the eastern parts of Mt Medvednica (NW Croatia), in the period from 2007 to 2010, the neophyte taxon Echinochloa colona (L.) Link was found. Since E. colona is not included in plant identification handbooks, a new determination key for the two closely related taxa of genus Echinochloa, presented in Croatia, has been prepared, and the biology of this new alien plant is briefly discussed.


Croatia Echinochloa colona Medvednica neophyte new species

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Hrusevar, D., Mitic, B., Sandev, D., & Alegro, A. (2015). Echinochloa colona (L.) Link (Poaceae), a new species in the flora of Croatia. Acta Botanica Croatica, 74(1). Retrieved from